What is The Orchard about?

The Orchard is a new adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, which follows the formerly-wealthy landowner Lyuba Ranevskaya and her family as they face foreclosure and the loss of their ancestral home, including the beloved cherry orchard. 

How long is the performance?

The Orchard runs just under 2 hours, with no intermission. 

What’s the difference between the in-person and virtual experiences? 

The Orchard in-person is a full production of The Cherry Orchard, in a new adaptation. The Orchard online begins with an interactive virtual experience where the audience members can explore a virtual environment (like in a video game) and watch exclusive interactive scenes, featuring moments from the life and letters of Anton Chekhov. Eventually, the two experiences intersect, with virtual audience members viewing a livestream of the in-person performance in progress.


Is it worthwhile to watch both versions? 

YES! Each version contains scenes not seen in the other, to create two unique experiences. If you want to see everything The Orchard has to offer, we recommend seeing both if possible! 


Does the entire cast appear live in person?

Yes! The in-person production features the full cast live and in person onstage.




How will I access the virtual performance?

Patrons will receive an email from boxoffice@arlekinplayers.com 24 hours before their scheduled performance (and again 2 hours before) containing a direct link and detailed instructions. All of the information you need to access the show will be contained there.


How early can I log on to the performance page? 

The performance page will become active 15 minutes prior to each performance.


What kind of device can I watch on? 

The performance must be watched on a laptop or desktop computer. It will not work on a mobile device like a phone, tablet, or iPad.

What are the technical requirements for the virtual production?

The performance is most compatible with the Google Chrome web browser, and requires internet speeds of at least 20 megabytes per second (download speed). You can visit https://www.speedtest.net/ to perform a quick test. If your computer does not meet these guidelines, please contact us so we can provide assistance. 


Do I need any special equipment? 

No, just a laptop or desktop computer with speakers or headphones and a good internet connection. 


Do I have to watch the virtual performance at a certain time? 

Yes! Your ticket grants you access to the performance only at the specific date and time listed. It streams live in real time, so please make sure to log on early to ensure that you don’t miss anything! 


Can I pause or rewind the virtual performance? 



Is closed captioning available?

Yes! Closed captioning can be enabled using Google Chrome's Live Caption feature. Click here for instructions on how to enable this. 


How can I ensure the best possible viewing experience?

  1. Watch on a desktop or laptop computer.

  2. Use the Google Chrome web browser. 

  3. Make sure your computer has good speakers or headphones connected. 

  4. Close out of all other tabs, apps, and programs before the show. 

  5. Log on early to make sure everything is working properly before showtime. 





I see a page that looks like a Zillow/real estate page but I can’t do anything. 

You're in the right place! This is the waiting screen to the interactive experience where other virtual attendees will join you. Just after the show's designated start time, the experience will begin and you will be prompted to interact with the world by entering the building. You will be guided with instructions throughout this portion of the show.


I am on the playbill page and it is after the start time of my show, what do I do? 

Click on the “home” button and you should be taken into the virtual experience when it begins. 


I’m being asked for a username/email for an auction and I don’t want to participate, what do I do? 

An email is required to log in to the performance, but participating in the auction is completely optional. For those who choose to participate, the auction is not binding, but the highest bidder will be contacted via email and given the chance to purchase the art piece. If you do not wish to participate in the auction, simply don’t bid on the auction item.

I’m seeing a white page with nothing on it.

Please try refreshing your browser window. If that doesn’t fix the issue, please reach out to us at 617-942-0022. 


The video/audio/interactive is slow/not synced.

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection of at least 20 megabytes per second. You can visit https://www.speedtest.net/ to perform a quick test. If your internet connection is insufficient, you may encounter lag or other errors during the experience. If you’re not able to get a stable connection please reach out to us so that we can assist you.


What if I have technical issues when trying to watch the performance? 

If you experience difficulties, please call us right away at 617-942-0022 and one of our box office staff will help with troubleshooting. Please try to log on early so that we will have time to help you with any unexpected issues in advance of showtime!